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Shally is perhaps the brightest mind in the social media space, especially as it pertains to recruiting, sourcing and the highest of high end searches. A true master and mentor that I always go way out of my way to see live!

Mike O’Neil // Integrated Alliances


Shally Steckerl is the President of The Sourcing Institute and has eighteen years of sourcing and recruiting experience. An industry pioneer, Mr. Steckerl builds enterprise recruiting engines for Fortune 500 brands helping them efficiently find unfindable talent. He is the author of the industry standard textbook The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook ISBN 978-1928734796. Hailing from Colombia, S.A., Mr. Steckerl now lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an Associate Adjunct Faculty at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and a regular speaker at HR conferences around the world.

  • Dual Bachelor of Science, RIT
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Nicaragua ’94)
  • Globally recognized recruiting thought leader since 1996
  • Corporate sourcing leader (Cisco, Coke, Google, Microsoft, more…)
  • Advise over 300 organizations on sourcing and recruitment optimization
  • Regularly requested to present at SHRM and many industry events
  • Teach 1st ever full credit academic capstone course on recruitment