Talent Analyst

Downer Infrastructure


Hannah Raju is Downer Infrastructure’s Talent Analyst and Sourcing Specialist, providing executive search, market mapping, social media and talent analytics expertise across a workforce of 15,000 people.

Her background in Sourcing and Recruitment spans 10 years with humble beginnings in Brisbane where she cut her teeth working as an agency recruiter in a market flooded with suppliers. The only way to survive was to step into social recruitment space and exploit the networking opportunities that sites like LinkedIn offered.

Since that time Hannah has developed and honed these techniques, working internationally in several countries in both agencies and large corporates, transferring her knowledge and transforming the way recruitment and recruiters are viewed.

Hannah is curious, occasionally bold, sometimes introverted and very passionate about finding better ways every day to reach, recruit and retain the best talent for Downer Infrastructure.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with majors in Human Resources, Marketing and Industrial Relations.